June 19, 2009

Houston, We Might Have Another Problem

I got this bright idea to plant a garden. Then I got a brighter idea to do a raised garden. The pic shows just one side of it. Now I'm not saying it was a bad idea, I'm just a little worried. See, SOME people, who shall remain nameless, like MOM, thought my garden wouldn't grow and I let their doubt invade my brain lol. Now.......I have wayyyyyyyy too many plants in one leeeeetle bitty space. ALL the seeds are coming up and they're coming up fast. I think I will be able to thin it out and transplant some of them by extending the box out some. I hope anyway. If not I'm going to have one heck of a mess as the veggies get bigger. Hopefully they won't choke themselves out.

On the upside, with all this growing I won't be needing to get anything like Slim n lift anytime soon.


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