June 30, 2009

Is It Too Early To Start Dress Shopping?

Ash is going to be a Senior this year. Roughly translated, this means I need about 2 more jobs. Between homecoming dresses, prom dresses, senior pictures, senior dues and fee's and gawd knows what else they'll come up with, I'll be broke most of the school year. Not that that's much different than any other time I suppose lol, but I guess i'm thinking it's going to be worse.

So anyway, I've decided to be proactive as much as possible. For instance, I know that I need to be looking for homecoming dresses so I'm starting now. Remember, Ash wears a size 12 shoe. I almost always have to buy her shoes and then find a dress/clothes to match since the shoe is the hardest part of the equation for her. Plus she's picky as all get out so that makes things that much harder.

I don't remember being that difficult as a teenager. Then again, By her age I had a kid and very soon another on the way. I suppose my Mom would say in that perspective that I was much more difficult. I definitely wasn't as picky about my clothes as Ash is though.

Anyway, I know where to get Ash's shoes this year. That part is going to be slightly easier this year I hope since I have an inside track on shoe sales. Dresses though could be a bigger issue. I did find a site called promgirl.net that looks promising. They have many styles and colors to choose from and all the reviews I've seen so far indicate that they're dresses and customer service are excellent. That's a huge factor when buying online. Their prices are quite reasonable too, another very big factor.

Plus, and I know this sounds silly but have you noticed on some sites how the girls in the prom dresses are making these gestures/faces and such that look almost, ummm, well, slutty? Sorry, there's no other word for it. I see cute dresses but the model looks like she's about to attack the photographer and it really turns me off the dress. Yes, Ashley is 18 and an adult but she's still my daughter. I don't really care to picture my daughter looking like some floozy, especially in a dress that costs me a couple hundred bucks. I want my daughter to look beautiful and happy and untouchable lol. It's a Mom thing I guess.

Anyway, my point is that this particular site seems to help me there too. There are a few pics I could see replaced but for the most part their dresses and their models reflect something I wouldn't feel weird buying for my daughter.

Sooooooooo, with any luck,homecoming dresses 2009 Edition shouldn't be to painful. I hope.


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