June 16, 2009

It's That Time Of Year. Yes, Tacori Time.

When blushing brides force their friends to wear hideous dresses and uncomfortable shoes. Family members melt in the heat as they cry, laugh, beg to be allowed to go indoors out of the sun. I've never understood summer weddings. It seems to me that it's the bride's way of getting back at everyone who ever did her wrong lol. Okay, maybe not, but I dread them regardless.

After my 2 fiasco's I'm deathly allergic to marriage anyway. So it's not something *I* have to worry about per se, but my friends seem to be falling prey to the toll of wedding bells at an alarming pace. I just hope it's not contagious.::shudder::

The latest victim, I mean uh, blushing bride to be, called me at 3:00 this morning to tell me her guy had proposed. I tried to be excited or as excited as I could be at 3 in the morning, which wasn't very much i can tell you. I was also informed I'd be wearing an ugly......I mean uhhhhh, a perfectly delightful dress sometime around now next year. I personally feel like I've been threatened lol. I have to go to a wedding AND wear a poofy dress? TORTURE! I'll need a lot of Benadryl just in case i break out in hives.

Anyway, I'm happy for her. She said that her ring is gorgeous and can't wait to show me this weekend. It's not a set of tacori engagement rings but if i know her fiance well, and I do, it's likely a very nice set just the same. She said that he proposed to her after dinner at their favorite park and that he invited her children to be a part of it. I think that's the sweetest part of the whole thing. Any single Mom wants to know that her kids will be accepted and cared for. The lengths he went to in order to start off on the right foot makes me think he's an even better guy than i previously thought.

So anyway, since i'm apparently going to be forced into this, likely kicking and screaming, I've decided that I shall insist on some cute hair accessories from JR Dunn. That will teach her lol.

Congrats Sarah and Joe, love you both and all smart aleck comments aside I'm extremely delighted for you both.


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