June 27, 2009

Movies During A Recession

Yesterday I was trying to find out some info on a movie tavern near me. Before we moved here we used to go to the movies during the matinee time which cost is $3 per person as long as we went before 6PM. I'd usually buy the Bratz a snack before we got there at Wally World for 88 cents for the same size the movie theatre sells for $2 or more. I'd have to buy their drinks at the theatre though since there's no way to sneak in cokes lol. Anyway, for about $5 per person, we could go to the movies as a treat.

Where we live now.........forget it. The least expensive place is $6 for the matinee and $9 regular price. In this economy that's just not do-able for many families. Especially if you have several children. So anyway, I'm wanting to go see the new Transformers movie and I wanted to find the least expensive way to do so. I found a listing for something called a movie tavern and wanted to know more about it. Mostly because I'd never heard of such a thing and it was the least expensive place at $7.50 per ticket.

So I went to do a local search to see if I could find reviews. Apparently it's what it sounds like. It's a tavern and it's a place to see movies. It's basically a local restaurant that serves alcohol and happens to show movies as well. Complete with waiters/waitresses and such. It sounds sort of neat. Kind of like watching a movie at home while eating dinner, but other people are there. LOTS of other people. Some of whom are drinking.......Not sounding like such a hot idea anymore. Alcohol=Obnoxious, Obnoxious=Irritation, Irritation=Someone could get popped in the mouth. Not exactly what i'd call a fun family outing if bail money could be required ya know?

So anyway, I searched the local yellow pages and found a DRIVE-IN! Can you believe that? And not just a Drive-in, it's a Drive-in that shows 2 movies and it costs only $5 per person to watch 2 movies and they're the same new releases in the theatre. Cool huh? Soooooo, now I know what we'll be doing tonight. I can't wait!

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