June 30, 2009

My Secret

Most everyone who knows me has been asking me lately what I'm doing that's got me feeling so good and full of energy. Mostly it's getting off my butt and making sure that I get outside and do things. I truly love the sunshine and I think that working so many hours was contributing to my feeling so poorly. I hardly ever got to spend anytime outside at all.

Now, I make sure I spend at least an hour out there per day. I play in the dirt, I work on the lawn, I lay out. I go sit out in the sun and read a book. Whatever it takes, I get out of this house for a bit.

On top of that I started taking a good whole food multivitamin, a Kelp Supplement, Acai and Bromelain.

The Bromelain helps with pain i sometimes get in my knee from an accident with Diesel. he ran me over when I first got him. Apparently 100 pounds of running dog hitting a knee standing still messes things up. Who knew right? Bromelain is a pineapple derivative and it's MUCH easier on my stomach than Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen.

Acai is a fantastic antioxidant. I currently take it in a pill form but am considering trying MonaVie since I've heard really good things about it. It's a liquid form of Acai that contains lots of Phytonutrients and other good stuff to keep you feeling great from the inside out. A friend of mine uses it and swears it's much better than other forms of Acai.

I take Kelp because it's a good source of Magnesium, Potassium, Iron and Iodine which is wonderful for Thyroid health. I tend to be anemic unless I take Iron but Iron supplements tend to make me feel sick. The Kelp doesn't.

The Multi-vitamin is self explanatory. Just good stuff to make sure I get all the nutrients I tend to lose during the Summer by not eating like I should. When it's hot I really don't eat much and that causes problems but it's just because the idea of food in 100 degree heat just sounds like a really bad idea. So the vitamins help make up for what I'm not taking in and allows me to eat lighter like I want without sacrificing nutrients my body needs.

Will this combination work for everyone? Probably not, but for me it's working wonderfully and between this regimen and daily exercise I've never felt better.

Of course you should always check with a doctor before trying any type of supplements or exercise routines, but take the time to see what you can do for yourself and discuss it with your doctor. Sometimes just the smallest changes make the biggest difference.


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