June 23, 2009

Oh Me, Oh My

Remember when I said our little Poppy, The cat we thought was a boy, is Preggo? Well, apparently she was more preggo than i thought. I went from "uh oh she's a girl", to "oh crap, she just had babies" in less than a month now.

This morning she was acting really strange and she crawled up in my lap for a few seconds then disappeared. I was sitting here working and kept thinking I was hearing something under my chair. Finally I got up to check and sure enough Miss Thang had given birth to 4 teeny little cutie pies. Not a single one of them look like her, they're all Tiger striped so that narrows down who the local neighborhood Lothario is. I wonder if we can sue for Kitty Support? Anyway, So far the little Mommy is doing a great job taking care of her little ones and she's been understanding of the fact that they had to be moved to a safer place. After they were born I moved her and them to a cabinet in the bathroom that I don't use. I laid down an old blankie with some plastic under it so the cabinet is protected and no one has to worry about flopping down in my chair and hurting a baby. So far, so good.

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