June 29, 2009

Okay, I'm Just Gonna Say It!

I'm SICK of hearing about Micheal Jackson's death!!! I'm sorry he died, it's sad and he died relatively young and I feel sorry for his kids and all that but for gawds sake is there NOTHING else going on in the world? If you watch CNN it seems that the answer is no, there really is nothing else going on. Nothing worth talking about for more than a second anyway so they can get right back to cover the same things over and over and over again regarding Micheal's death. I mean I totally get that If they aren't careful someone may fart in front of Micheal Jackson's rented mansion and they could miss it by covering other things. I'm willing to risk it though!!

Don't get me wrong. I don't think this is funny, I find no humor in it at all and I don't think this man's death should be so exploited. I feel terrible for the family and his fans but seriously doesn't anyone see all the tributes as a little hypocritical? I mean before his death was he being hailed as a musical genius? No. He was called a child molester. I don't suppose anyone will ever really know if he was actually guilty or not but regardless, not one of these reporters had ANYTHING good to say about him even last week and now suddenly they're big fans?

Personally, I think the fans are going to mourn his passing in the way they see fit and I seriously doubt they're glued to the tv waiting to see the next breaking news.

There are those of us out here however who are wondering about other things happening in our world that are definitely important. North Korea wants to shoot a missile off towards Hawaii. Is there anyone out there who doesn't think that little creep over there isn't far more dangerous than Micheal was ever accused of being? Yet that danger is ignored and a man's death is exploited for ratings.

Our troops left Baghdad today. Iraqi's shot off fireworks in celebration. It's just a step in bringing our men and women home but it's a step nonetheless and something we should feel hopeful about. What else is going on? Who knows? They're not reporting anything else.

I understand that there are those who see this man's passing as a horrible tragedy, I know there are plenty who find it terribly amusing. I see it as sad and PRIVATE and wish that the media would have some respect. There are 3 children who didn't see him as weird or bad, they just saw him as Dad and they're grieving........let them do it in peace.


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