June 15, 2009

Operation "I've Had It"Has Commenced

I swear the more time we spend with the school district the more I realize I'm dealing with people who probably cannot get a job anywhere else. Not to say that ALL this districts employees are idiots but the smart ones are highly under-represented.

The latest battle? Well, apparently the transportation department powers that be have decided that they'd prefer to punish summer school students rather than have their drivers get up in time to run their routes safely and efficiently.

During the school year, the bus picks the kids up at the house and they drop them off in front of the house again in the afternoon. This is fine, it's the way it should be. Now for Summer School, all kids are being dropped off at the end of their roads. Something the bus barn is calling "Satellite Drops". This is unacceptable.

I called the bus barn this morning to ask if the bus barn decreed this be done or if the driver is being lazy again like she had been just after we moved here. The woman I spoke with indicated that this was a bus barn decision and she cited the fact that the cul-de-sac turn arounds are dangerous as the excuse. Apparently it's dangerous somehow for the bus to make a turn around in a cul-de-sac? I watch them every morning and I have yet to see anything dangerous about it so I haven't the foggiest what the danger she eludes to could be.

I can however count the dangers of their decision.
1. Having kids come to the main street could result in children being hit by speeding cars. The speed limit is 30, 90% of the cars go at least 50. Far bigger problem than a cul-de-sac turnaround if you ask me. At least the buses have those beeping indicators when they are in reverse. What warning does a child have of a speeding car? What warning indicator does a speeding car have of a child in the road for that matter?

2. In the afternoon it's almost always in the 100's in this part of Texas. Now some parents can be at the end of the road to pick up and drop off their kids for the bus, but not everyone can. I have a little more flexibility than others but even I have to work when I can get hours and they aren't always the ones i want. If I miss work, I can lose my job. There are plenty of parents who commute to Houston and leave far before their kids get on the bus and get home far after their child gets off the bus. Walking even 1/4 of a mile in 100 degree heat can be a huge issue for kids, especially if they already have health conditions as some do. So, even if we forget that there are kids in Elementary going to summer school and stick with just teenagers, is a teenager with health issues collapsing in the street not a danger for the school? My own daughter has asthma, the heat alone literally makes it hard for her to breathe, actually walking 1/4 of a mile when already stressed is a bit of a problem. She's not the only one with health issues either.

26. Yeah I skipped from 2 to 26. Why? 26 is the number of sex offenders in a 3 mile radius. Those are JUST the ones who've been caught. Since we all know that they aren't all caught, or haven't yet registered as ordered, how many do you think that leaves out there? Even if it's just 1 one that's not something I'm comfortable with. My daughter is 18. 18 year old girls disappear just like the smaller ones do and they're sometimes never seen again. Sure, i'm looking at worst case scenario but as a responsible adult shouldn't I be? Shouldn't it occur to me that there are people out there who hurt other people, even children? Yet the bus barn, the school district and the state can afford to ignore that? Tell me again about a dangerous cul-de-sac turnaround.

If you ask me, a dinged up car or bus, and paying a driver an extra few minutes is worth far less than a child's life or safety. It only takes ONE person to get hurt to make this a really dumbass decision on their part.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that there's a bus at all and that Ashley is getting the opportunity to go to Summer School and work on her credits
that the other school screwed up so badly on, but punishing her and other kids as well for needing the help is just not right.

Sooooooooooo, I've had it. I called the Superintendent and I spoke with his assistant who agreed this makes no sense and she is having him call me back. We'll see what he says but if this decision isn't reversed I'll be going to the press and anywhere else I can think to go to. I pay my school taxes and I'm sick of dealing with this school district. I've literally almost considered applying to drive a bus for the school district next to us. If I do, the kids can go to the better school district and leave this joke far behind them. At this point i'm willing to do just about anything, but that solves nothing for the other kids who are being treated unfairly and being put in potential danger over this decision. Especially considering this may carry over into the school year according to the woman at the bus barn that I spoke with.

Yep, I've had it alright and I think it's time to let em know it.


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