June 30, 2009

Pardon Me While I Win This....

Okay, well maybe I won't win it but you can bet your bootie I'm sure going to try. How exciting would it be to win a Spa Weekend in New York at the Cornelia Day Spa? I'm generally not a huge fan of New York since i'm a country girl but hey, who am I to turn down massages, manicures, massages, pedicures, body wraps and oh did I mention massages? For Free? Heck yeah I'm all over that!

New York Vacation Rentals is having a fabulous contest in which a Spa Weekend for 2 women in New York is one of the prizes. I have no idea who I'd take with me if I won since my sisters are all busy and so are my friends. I guess I'd likely take Ash with me since she'd love the idea of being pampered. She's such a girlie girl! Plus she'd be impossible to live with if I took anyone else.

The last time I went to New York it was a miserable experience. The trip was free but I had to be on TV. I was 5 months pregnant with Tyler. It was my first time in a very unfriendly place with way too many people and way too much noise. Especially at night! I'm used to the quiet country nights where the loudest sound is a dog barking in the neighborhood or the hoot of an owl.

On our trip to New York we were up on like the 20th floor in a hotel across the street from Madison Square Garden and all night long all I could hear were sirens. I was there with my sisters and my Mom and well.......it was just literally miserable.

Nooooooow, I'm not pregnant. I know what to expect and there are massages involved. I can buy ear plugs, spend a nice time with my daughter and be pampered. Now if I can just win it! Wish me luck!!


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