June 8, 2009

Poppa's Defective & Other Stuff

Okay, i'm officially back. I know i've said that sorta before but i made a decision and imma stickin to it. Basically i guess i just needed a break and to sort some things out. I was tired of being stalked by a psycho and I have been crazy busy to boot.

What's changed? Not much, lol, I'm still busy as all get out but i've changed my perspective on things. I've decided that if the stalker wants to put her failings as a woman and wife on me, that's fine. I know i'm not responsible and I know who IS and i'm okay with that. Not that I ever felt it was my fault anyway but i'm telling you it's creepy as hell to be "watched". Even online.

So anyway, now that i've got a handle on things at work, home, the love life and weirdo's in general, i'm back and probably not a moment too soon. I have really missed the occasional rant and all the great info i find out from other mommy bloggers and such. I can't swear i'll be a daily reader as before but i'll work it out somehow.

Anyway, latest news? The most bizarre would be our sweet little Poppa kitty. Now some may remember when i got the little fuzzball that i didn't really WANT another cat but this little "guy" was just too adorable and needed a forever home. What i was apparently mistaken about was that it turns out Poppa is more like a Poppy......a pregnant Poppy at that. So for almost a year, we've likely pissed this cat off to no end by calling her a him and no wonder she's so bad lol. We just got to noticing lately that "he's" gaining weight. On further inspection, it's baby kitty weight. That'll learn me to not to just take someone elses word regarding kitty gender anymore.

Soooooooo, we're now expecting lil fuzzballs anytime and i REALLY hope she at least mated with a handsome male.........she's a gorgeous cat so if nothing else maybe the little ones will look like her and i'll be able to find them fabulous forever homes when the time is right. I'm also making her an appt asap to have her fixed. I've been meaning to do it and thought that since "he" was inside all the time that there would be time to do that. Apparently, she found a way out and had herself a tryst. Ugh.

There's not really any other news than that. I did lose 10 pounds and I've got a fabulous tan from working out in the sunshine on my yard when things aren't busy at work. All In All, not too shabby.


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