June 10, 2009

Psycho's, Guns and Racists, Oh My

Most of you know i'm not one to mince words about much of anything but this time I just want to say "UGH!"

Actually I want to say alot more than that, but in the interest of not impressing my readers with how colorful i can really be when I want to, i'm going to pretend that's all.

I'm already disgusted that people like this man exist and I'm even madder though that this could have impacted my own family. My nephew is currently in DC on a school trip. He was across the street from the Holocaust Museum when the shooting happened but only accidentally. He was supposed to have been IN the museum but the bus was apparently running late and the teacher opted to have lunch first. Thank GOD!

I realize only one soul was lost, one soul too many, but had the guards not taken action as quickly as they had how many more would have been hurt? I hate to even consider it. I hate that my nephew heard the shots, I hate that he was anywhere near the area, but i'm thankful that those in the building were spared by quick thinking and brave men who assessed a threat and shot someone undeserving of oxygen much less anything else to keep him from hurting innocent people. May God Bless the family of Stephen T. Johns and the other guards who acted to protect others.


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