June 30, 2009

Ten On Tuesday 6-30-09

Today's Edition deals with:
"10 Guilty Pleasures on TV"

1. Gene Simmons Family Jewels: I love this show! I dunno why really, especially when I consider that it's ruined my whole perception of Gene as Rock God. I think it was probably the footie pajama's he wears that did it. I watch it every chance I get though.

2. Snapped: If you don't know what it is, Snapped is about women who have finally just had enough or they're just bad to begin with and one day they snap. It's usually their hubby/boyfriend that suffers the consequences. I like seeing how they are caught in their schemes.

3. Metal Mania: This is several hours of music videos from the 80's hair bands and such. It reminds me of when I was a teenager and every week I looked forward to Friday Night Video's coming on.

4. 4th and Long: I'm a Mega fan of the Dallas Cowboys and this reality show is centered around them and one of my favorite former players, Micheal Irvin. No chance I wouldn't be watching it.

5. House: I think Greg House is just way too hawt lol. I dunno if it's the facial hair or the surly smart ass attitude, or a combo of both. He's just Yummmmmmm

6. Robot Chicken: I swear I feel brain cells dying when I watch this but I still watch it anyway. It's not so much that it's funny, even though it is. It's also gross sometimes but I just can't wait to see what they'll do next.

7. Daisy Of Love: Daisy Delahoya was a finalist a couple seasons ago on Rock Of Love. Now she has her own reality show. She's really a total bimbo with her huge lips and her even bigger boobs but I still watch it all while wondering WHY I watch it lol. I'm positive I know smarter rocks but she's entertaining, or something like that.

8. Criminal Minds: I Love, love love, this show. The cast is fantastic and the story lines are always creepy but believable.

9. Law & Order-SVU: Shhhhhhhhhhh I have a crush on Stabler. Hubba hubba

10. WWE Wrestling: I don't watch this often but when i do it's strictly for the muscles. It's like a really badly written soap opera on steroids, but lordy some of those men are purty!


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