June 29, 2009

There Really Are Bed Bugs!

Remember that cute little poem your parents/grandparents said as you went to bed at night? Something like:
Good Night, Sleep Tight,Don't Let The Bedbugs Bite

I always thought it was just a stupid saying. I had nooooooo clue there really were bedbugs. Guess what? There ARE and getting rid of them can be as painful as the actual bits they inflict. As with anything, information is the key. Luckily there are great places to find bed bug infestation treatment information. Not just how to get rid of them, but also things like legal issues for renters and how to be sure that you even have Bedbugs as opposed to something else. The main issues with these little buggeroos seem to be treating as soon as possible and with dedication. They're not easy to get rid of but it can be done.


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