June 29, 2009

Too Hot for The Animals & Me Too

As I mentioned last week, I turned 39 for the 2nd time. Due to wanting to spend my birthday with certain people we elected to wait til this past Sunday to really celebrate by taking a trip to the zoo. I can't even put into words how bad an idea this turned out to be.

The Houston Zoo is fairly large and the planners took great care to create as much shade as they possibly could but in 100 degree heat that just means you melt a little slower in the shade than you do out of it. We went early hoping to beat the heat........we failed miserably lol.

If it wasn't obvious to us how hot it was, the animals were quick to demonstrate for themselves. Several were literally at the door to their enclosures looking to go into the inside portion of their cages. I even saw a primate or 2 pulling on the doors. I swear they were saying "Pleeeeeeeeeeease let me innnnnnnnnnnnnn".

All in all, it was still fun. I love the zoo and hot or not, it's always a great place to spend the day. I came home exhausted, slept the rest of the day and woke up feeling great. Not sure if it was the sleep or getting to go to my favorite place. Whatever it was, i'm quite glad of it.

As usual, I took a ton of pics but I think this one pretty much sums up how most of the animals felt.


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