June 26, 2009

Top Five On Friday: 06-26-09 Edition

This weeks Top Five On Friday:

Top 5 musicians that the years haven't been kind to.

Hmmmmmm, this is proving to be harder than I thought it would be:

#5- Steve Adler ( Guns N Roses Drummer). In recent Interviews he seems to be doing a really good impression of Ozzy. On the upside, he's like that because he had a stroke, likely related to alcohol and/or drug use and the fact he can talk as well as he does is a good thing. So, Yayyyyyyy Steve!

#4- Jani Lane ( Warrant Lead Singer ) OH MY GAWD! He was so freakin' HAWT!!

#3- Ozzy.......I doubt I need to explain this. If I do, you need to get out more. Really! It's not his looks that changed, just his ability to speak lol.

#2- Keith Richards & Mick Jagger Tie.........Lordy is all I can say

#1 Micheal Jackson- is there a more tragic, brilliant figure in music? My answer would be the same whether he'd passed away yesterday or not. Regardless of the person he was in side, whatever that may have been, good or bad, he had it bad on almost every front except his musical genius. Terribly sad.
This is how I choose to remember him


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