June 26, 2009

Upcoming Review, All Modern Baby

With all the health issues Hanna, my niece, has had we're always looking for fun things for her to play with that are also safe. She loves blocks and anything musical or toys that have buttons that can be pushed. Pretty typical really for her age.

Since she's a little developmentally behind due to all the medications and issues she's been dealing with, it's been important to try and find her toys that are not only helpful toward her catching up but safe. Lets face it, kids put EVERYTHING in their mouth and with all the toys that have been recalled in recent times due to lead paint and such, good, safe toys are a wonderful find.

So when I was approached about doing a review for All Modern Baby, I was excited to find a place I could feel comfortable shopping for my nieces and nephews as well as various babies I know. All Modern Baby has a great selection of modern children's furniture such as Maclaren strollers, Stokke Tripp Trapp high chairs, Bugaboo products and much more. They have a great selection and prices to match.

Not only that but seriously, check out the toys!! If the furniture selection doesn't hook you, the Eco-friendly toy section, among other things will. They have choices ranging from developmental toys to ride on toys. Goodies sure to delight baby as well as your pocketbook all while helping the Earth. You just can't beat that deal.

Myself, Hanna, Mr. Z, Miss Z and Lilybug will have the opportunity to review the Wonderworld 50 Piece Block Set. I can't wait to get in the floor and play with them. The kids that is.......though I do confess I also like blocks myself. I'm sure there will be plenty pictures to share as usual so stay tuned.


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