June 11, 2009

Vacation? Yeah Right!

The kids keep asking what we're doing for vacation this year. My answer has been "I dunno" for the most part. I'm not sure whether to be impressed with their faith in their Mother that there will actually even be a vacation or wonder if they're paying attention to the current financial situation at all?

Work has slowed, but only really because we got new agents and now we can only take so many hours per week. So there are less hours and less call volume to go around, which begs the question as to why in the world we hired new people in the first freaking place. Hopefully that will change soon but in the meantime i've begun applying other places just in case. I do have to say i have a good deal of faith in my Project Manager and if she says it's going to work out then I believe her. She's always been more than fair and that's saying a great deal regarding the company I work for.

Anyway, so i thought about places I'd LIKE to be able to afford to go to IF I could go on a vacation. The last one we took to Denver was great and the kids had sooooooooo much fun, but now that they've been there I'd like to take them somewhere else a bit different. Like maybe one of the Myrtle Beach Resorts that a few friends have told me they enjoyed on their vacations.

I'm not normally one for the beach but a nice change would be good and since Galveston is still pretty much a mess I won't be trying to go there anytime soon. Besides a Myrtle Beach Resort vacation really sounds like a great idea. I've been to Myrtle Beach once and it was simply beautiful. Alot prettier certainly than the Texas and Florida beaches I've seen. Can you say Gag Me? Blech!

Anyway, I have a feeling there won't be a big vacation this year but i'm sure we'll do something fun. We always do. Maybe I can look into just getting a Myrtle Beach Hotel and we can make a road trip out of it since 2 of the Bratz drive now.


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