June 15, 2009

Who Hired This Moron?

Well, I didn't get to talk to the Superintendent today. He had the head of the transportation department call me and I've got to say If I wasn't already mad, i'm even madder now.

It turns out that the POLICE CHIEF is also the head of the transportation department. I believe that's what he said he was anyway. I'll be calling the city manager tomorrow to confirm this before i put any names out there but here's how the conversation went.

He was rude and it was obvious he had an attitude that I dared question this decision. He basically asked me what my problem was and when i explained my concerns here were his defenses.

A: regarding Sex Offenders around the area. He said and I quote "you should probably move then". When i clarified that they were in the surrounding area NOT in my neighborhood, he said "Oh well then no big deal then". My answer probably surprised him because I got mad and said " Right because Sex offenders never leave their home or their driveway and their victims are never from a street that the sex offenders don't live on! That's a ridiculous statement for you of all people to make". So,where I wondered about the school, i'm now thinking I'm really grateful this moron isn't in charge of my safety in this area.

B: Regarding the dangerous cul-de-sac turnarounds. Apparently there really is a very big fear that mailboxes will be dented, maybe even a car. I guess if a child is injured we'll have to see how our tax dollars stretch to pay what the school district will be sued for. Something tells me it'll be alot more than the dented mailboxes or cars would have cost. I'm just guessing though.

C: Apparently as long as no kid has to walk more than 1/4 mile there is no chance they can be harmed, snatched, abused, lost or hit by a speeding car. They decided this was the case when they drove the neighborhood lol.

D: If parents have to do something as mundane as ya know........work......well we should either quit, get a different job or beg other parents to watch our kids. It makes no difference that my tax dollars pay those buses to run in the first place and that's just that.

E: The city needs a police chief with a few more brain cells.

I haven't decided how to proceed at this point. I personally feel like parents should have a bigger say in how this plays out rather than being told what we're going to deal with. I'm just not sure who to turn to next or whether I should get more parents involved first.

Like I said before, the thing is this isn't JUST about my kids, It's about those kids that are not being supervised at all. At least going to and from school those kids could be assumed to be safe til this point. Being made to walk 1/4 mile everyday to catch a bus isn't going to phase the ignorant people who already send their kids who can't swim to the lake on their own. So God forbid something happen to one of them, how long will it be til anyone notices anything happened unless it's witnessed?

Frankly I'm stunned that someone in law enforcement would see sex offenders as no big deal and I think i've definitely decided to either start taking the kids to school myself or go apply to drive a bus for the neighboring district so my kids get a better education and I know they get there safe. At least until a few more brain cells invade the current school district.


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