July 8, 2009

Adventure games aren’t just for adults and gaming consoles!

With all of the games that are out now on the more popular gaming consoles, it’s tough to try and get kids interested in a game that doesn’t involve guns, war, gore or other forms of violence? You’re a parent, you know that each time a birthday or Christmas rolls around they are asking for the games you’d be more likely to give your husband than to give your elementary aged child right? What if you could direct them to a website that both with have some of their favorite TV characters while still delivering to them the strategy games they want? I found them at nick.com!

When I first got onto their site to check out the games I was expecting the simple “tic-tac-toe” and crossword style games and I was pleasantly surprised at the variety they had as well as the quality of the graphics! It didn’t stop at strategy games though! Once I really started going through I also found several different multiplayer games where the kids can take and play together with their friends! One game allows the kids to choose between different characters to be as well as the different types of “water guns”! I even found myself getting a little involved in it the first time because it was so easy and it was nice to play a game with my little ones online.

The adventure games took my experience with the website to another level with the great ideas and games they had! Not only were there SpongeBob games, but I also found several different versions involving the Fairly Odd Parents, Avatar and the Wild Thornberrys! Each show had a couple different games that would take you through different challenges. With all this variety of child friendly games, I know my kids will play for hours!

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