July 22, 2009

Craft It Wednesday

A blog I've discovered through my recent meme fun has begun a new meme starting this week.
It's called Craft It Wednesday, like ummmm, that banner up there. It's simply for showing off how talented we are. It's NOT for selling our items and Barb says she'll remove any links that try to do so. I think that's fair since this is supposed to be something fun. So show off your creativity and be sure to check out everyone else's as well. Barb has a McLinky on her site to help keep track of all the participants. I can't wait to see everyone's crafty side.

For the very first installment, I'm pulling out one of my faves. I made this little guy last year at Halloween to put candy in and such. He's just so cute and looks a little sly as well. Like he just might be planning to take the candy for himself.


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