July 28, 2009

Decency vs Appearance...Shouldn't Decency Win?

Not that long ago I complained about someone I worked with who I thought really needed a dose of decency. I mentioned that her hubby makes over $75K a year and that while I understand that's not millions, it was certainly better than some of our co-workers were making. When our hours started getting cut this woman would send these emails to all of us whining about how she needed money for groceries and wanting us to give up hours for her. Keep in mind here that we had single moms with no other income, families who had a spouse laid off and families trying to pay for college for their kids, etc. I think we would have helped her more but she wanted only certain times and before this she was constantly on vacation. Always heading somewhere for something and leaving us to do all the work. As you can imagine, we didn't have much pity for her and we didn't help her out. We took care of those who genuinely needed the help.

I'm glad we did too because later in the whole saga I found out that the real reason she wanted the money was for a tummy tuck. Now I will grant that she didn't know all the details of the struggles others faced at first but when she was informed of them she still whined about us not bending over for her and she was dishonest about her needs. That just really made me mad that someone would put their outer appearance above families with children who need to eat and be sheltered. So mad that I flat refused to even speak to her..at all. I knew I'd say something that would be hurtful and while she deserved it sometimes, I'm better than that.

So now, I hear that she has no job. The one she had ended and she's got nothing. She quit one that others would have loved to have because it was too "hard" for her. Meaning she actually had to work. That was another reason we didn't feel sorry for her.

Anyway, I was wondering the other day if she managed to get the surgery done. I mean I can see that having a tummy tuck could be a good thing for a person who wants it done. It boosts confidence and self esteem if nothing else. I didn't have an issue with her wanting the surgery, just her selfishness in trying to achieve it.

Maybe I should tell her to go to Mya. It would kill 2 birds with one stone for her. She was wanting the tummy tuck for an International trip. She could go on her trip and have her tummy tuck too. Sure it's a long way but they have great doctors who've done some amazing work and she can heal in a fabulous location. I'm thinking this is a great thing. Plus, since her hubby is going he could also get some sort of Male Plastic Surgery too and they can do it as a couple. I don't mean that in an ugly way either. It could be a bonding thing. You never know til ya try right?


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