July 23, 2009

Do You Smoke?

If you said yes, then ewwwwwwwwww, shame on you. You're killing yourself and ya smell like a chimney. I still love ya though. I know it's hard to stop. I've watched many members of my family struggle with it too. I tried it once, maybe twice and I just couldn't get the taste out of my mouth. My food tasted like it, my clothes seemed like they were drenched in it. BLECH. So I can honestly say I don't get the draw of it for people who smoke.

I do know that the price of the nasty things alone ought to be causing people to stop but I doubt that will. My oldest son smokes and it drives me nuts. He won't buy them or smoke them in front of me though so at least he respects my feelings on them. I guess that's something but in the grand scheme of things it won't make him healthier.

Anyway, this morning I learned about something called an e cigarette It's an electronic cigarette that even has rechargeable batteries. It looks like a real cigarette without all the bad stuff and instead of traditional smoke it has a vapor mist that isn't harmful to others. I have to say I can't imagine exactly how that would work and whether a truly addicted smoker would be satisfied with it. I can say though that if it takes the place of just a couple cigarettes a day, that decreases the amount of the junk a smoker would have put in his lungs. Even though this isn't meant as a stop smoking tool, I can see where it might be able to help reduce the need to smoke over time and therefor accidentally help.

Since smoking indoors is banned in most places, thank GAWD, this could be an alternative to that after dinner smoke in the restaurant or anywhere else a smoker feels like they need to light up and can't. Personally I might consider buying these for the smokers in my family just to see if it makes a difference. Family gatherings for me are painful. Everyone goes outside to smoke but I still always come home feeling like I bathed in a tub of cigarette's. BLECH!


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