July 17, 2009

Dog Day Care?

How many of you have little neurotic furbabies? I have exactly one. If I leave the house, Diesel and Sargie are happy to see me come home but they don't flip out. They wag their tails and let me know they're glad to see me. It's great. Makes me feel loved and stuff.

Minnie though.........O M G! I'm telling you she drives me insane. She's 12 years old and she doesn't wait for me to leave to miss me. She's on top of me all freakin day. If i'm working in My office, she's under my desk or watching me from the little bed I made her so she can stalk me in comfort. It doesn't matter how asleep she is though. If I get up she's all over it. If i have to go potty, i have to beat her to the door and shut it before she gets in. When I come out, she's right there waiting on me. If she even thinks I'm going outside she follows me as close as she can so she can get out with me. If she gets left inside she stands at the door and screams til someone lets her out. She's positive she HAS to be with me constantly.

I can't imagine what in the world she does the whole time i'm gone when I leave the house. When I get home, I can hear her screaming as soon as I open the car door. When I get in the house she screams and runs in circles around me and the furniture for about 5 minutes to the point that after 12 years it's just annoying. I swear I think maybe she needs Dog Day Care that she can go to when I'll be gone. The only problem is.........she'd probably beat up all the other doggies. ::sigh::


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