July 28, 2009

An Even Better Idea

So yesterday I was talking about the whole, "what to get for Dad for his birthday this year" thing. I sorta decided that maybe a nice watch would be good but maybe I've changed my mind. Or if not, I know for sure what to get my mom for Christmas.

When we were kids my Mother used to royally hack me off by answering some of my questions with "it's my prerogative". No answer made me madder than that one. I'm almost positive that Bobby Brown was following us in a store one day and heard her say it, then wrote a song about it. I can't prove it though.

Anyway, I found this site that does custom Tee's and I have a fantastic idea lol. I shall get my Mother a nice printed custom tee with that stupid saying on it. It'll be almost therapeutic, like coming to terms with a past wound. Okay, that might be reaching but since she reads here sometimes maybe she'll feel guilty about saying it like a darn mantra and get me something really good for Christmas. A girl can hope anyway.

I could probably do the same for most of the rest of the family. I doubt I could create any Head turning designs like others but I could come up with something creative that fit the family i'm sure. I could Request custom designs that would fit all their personalities and I think they'd all be happy with it since I took the time to do something personalized to them. Sounds good in theory anyway right?

Anyway, there are a few ready made designs that remind me of my family members too so it should be easy to come up with something.


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