July 22, 2009

Gardening Delights and Painful Realities

So yesterday, Tyler and I were out in the garden pulling weeds and such and we discovered that we have some real veggies growing now. Not just plants. It was quite exciting really.

We found this zucchini

and we found this cucumberand then because there are soooooo many blooms, Tyler found a bee.

It stung him right between his toes. The funny thing about this is that the same foot is also broken. He had a fight with a wayward box spring he was removing from his sister's room. Apparently it was talking trash him or something, because he was forced to kick it at some point and it caused a hair line fracture just above his toes.

So he's been reading a ton of library books and watching tv online a good bit since he can't do much else. He saw this caption "Spreety TV Online : Watch TV Shows Online Free" and we kinda lost him and the use of the family room computer after that. They have "Family Guy" on there and I think he's trying to learn from Stewie how to be an even bigger smartbutt. Nice huh?


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