July 14, 2009

HA HA, Take THAT Wally World!

I've been having this silent war with the local Wally World. See, I'm addicted to these certain protein bars. When this local store stopped selling them I tried several others but they all tasted awful and cost a fortune too. So I was quite upset for a bit until yesterday and I was planning revenge against this store. They were saved from the wrath of Nessa though, and just in time too! Guess what I finally found at another store? Yep, My protein bars!! I was so excited I bought 3 boxes which will last me just a little over 2 weeks. Yayyyyyyyyy!!! So, for at least a little while I don't have to worry about where to find them.

Just in case though, I went to look online to see if I can find them at a better price or at least a steady supply. This is a serious addiction I tell you! So far I found a great meal replacement shake site that also carries some protein bars I may want to try. Not the ones I'm addicted to mind you, but maybe more nutritious anyway.

Anyway, wish me luck. I'll probably need it.


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