July 14, 2009

I'm Having Withdrawals

Well sort of anyway. My other addictions besides the Protein bars I mentioned earlier are coffee, chocolate, Motley Crue and Pogo. I've been playing in Pogo for almost 10 years off and on and i've watched it grow more and more each year. It's nice because I can go and play, chat if I want, and just hang out. It's my stress relief. Or was anyway.

Ever since I had to put Windows back on this computer there has been an issue with the monitor. I downloaded all the available Acer Drivers which apply to the monitor as well as the rest of the lap top and thought I had it worked out. Everything else works fine, but the acceleration and such for graphics is an issue. I can't play any Pogo games while on this laptop because of this. I searched for other Display Drivers and I did manage to finally get the display to change somewhat but the rest of the problem still remains.

The weird thing is that when I first got this laptop, it was like that too and then one day I did some Windows Updates and voila......it was fixed. I've done all those again since reinstalling but it's made no difference. So, I guess I'll just keep searching for computer drivers and see what I come up with. I can play Pogo games on the other laptop but its not as fast as mine and well, i want to use MINE lol.

Hopefully it will be fixed soon. I miss my games and pals over there.


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