July 1, 2009

Make The Most Of Your Shopping Online

I don't know about you, but I love to shop online. Especially in the Summer. It's just soooooo hot here in Texas and leaving the AC can be miserable. You'd be surprised at how much the heat really takes out of you too.

So anything I can take care of online, I make sure I do. I pay my bills online anytime I can and I do as much of my shopping online as I can. I also search for really good deals. It's so much easier to compare prices on websites rather than go store to store in the hopes that you can find your item cheaper elsewhere. many sites offer free shipping and other discounts for shopping online. I also sometimes find coupons that make my costs even lower. It's sort of like a treasure hunt to see what deals I can get on what I'm looking for.

Also, many websites have price guarantees. If you buy something from them and the price changes within so many days they'll refund you the difference. So I always go back after purchasing to be sure I can't get a price adjustment on recent purchases. For instance, I bought Ash some shoes a few weeks ago online. The total price would have been $117.00 but I had a coupon for 30% off my order. That brought it down to $81.90, plus I got free shipping. All the shoes were on sale so I'd already saved more than $150 by watching for the prices to go down. Then, a few days later, the same shoes were reduced by more almost $10 per pair. She got 4 pairs which gave me a refund of $40.00. So for $41.90 Ashley got 4 pairs of very nice shoes that were normally priced at more than $100 each. Not bad if I say so myself. Now if I could just find more coupons for Drugstore.com. I don't know why but I love that site.

So there you are, watch sites, check for price guarantees and make the most out of available coupons. In this economy every little bit helps.


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