July 8, 2009

Maternity Alert!

Looking for cute, fashionable maternity clothes? Well, a Lil birdy told me that you can get some great maternity clothes from Kiki's Fashions. Not just that, but if you use the code "blogfriends" at check out you receive 20% off! Love Love Love Discounts! They even have a Clearance section so hurry and check it out my preggie pals. Kiki's has some totally cute stuff!

I just wish there had been cute maternity clothes like these back when I needed them! I think I spent a good deal of my pregnancies in sweats for the most part. Which, technically isn't much different from the way i am now and I'm not preggo so I don't really know why I'm complaining about it lol. I am though! It's the principle of the thing or something.

Regardless, ladies today have great choices for maternity clothes. How many of you had the retro t-shirt that said "BABY" with an arrow pointing down at your tummy? I always wondered if that was so women could point out that they're pregnant and not just fat or if they wondered if people would see their swollen stomach and think "wow, what's she got in there?". I always thought a cuter shirt would have been "Not A Watermelon, Not A Basketball, NO You Can't Touch It". Kinda covers everything don't ya think?


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