July 27, 2009

Monday Crazy Questions- 3some's?

1. Your mate or spouse or the person you have known on a personal level for quite a while, comes to you and suggests that things need to be spiced up and suggests a threesome. what is your reaction?

I can honestly say that I take care to be sure a 3some never NEEDS to be suggested. Take it as ya like lol.

2. you are doing the shopping at the grocery store and there is one bad habit you wish your mate would give up and it's on your list to buy. Do you conveniently forget the item or go ahead and feed their habit?

He doesn't have any bad habits that i'm aware of. Doesn't smoke, has never drank alcohol in front of me, so I suppose I'd get him anything he wants.

3. Your spouse/mate/date is driving and you are feeling seriously scared about the speed the they are traveling. You have already complained twice about their driving skills. Do you demand they slow down? or bite your lip? Will they call you a backseat driver and will an argument more than likely breakout?

He's a great driver so no worries there. Now ask me about riding with my oldest son or my mother...........O M G! I swear I have gray hairs afterwards.

4. Your neighbors put their dogs out at 630 AM everyday and they bark non stop and wake you up. How do you handle the problem?

I'm up by 6 so that wouldn't bother me but if it did I'd ask them nicely to do something about it. If they refuse, they'll be getting up one morning to find their dogs duct taped in the back yard.

5. Tell us about something that you can do that more than likely not a lot of other people can do.

Be stalked for over a year by a psychotic, highly deluded, materialistic bitch with Peter Pan syndrome and think it's hilarious. Seriously, why does everyone else get the normal stalkers?

6. Do you still have any of your childhood toys that might be worth some money?

Nope, thanks to a fire all that stuff is long gone. The memories are worth millions though. Worth shouldn't be tied to only the material things in life.

7. what is/was your all time favorite Beatles Song??

I'd almost rather die than listen to them so I guess my fave would be the last one they sang together.

8. If you felt motivated to really tighten up the house hold budget, what item would you need to give up to save money?

Ummmmmm, I dunno. I don't really have expenses that aren't necessary. I guess maybe i'd take the kids out to eat less.

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