July 24, 2009

Oh Me Oh My, I Told My Bank Bye Bye

When I first started banking with a certain bank that starts with a W and ends with a U, I loved it. The representative were nice, they were helpful, they tried to keep their customers happy. Thennnnnnnn, that big nasty C bank took over and it's been hell ever since. Customer Service disappeared, fee's changed, policy's changed and the reps seemed to get less smart than before. No I'm not kidding.

I put up with it as long as I could and finally closed the acct last week. I'm through being bullied by a bank. It's MY money and they can't seem to stop messing with it. Soooo, I went to a new bank yesterday. They were wonderful and very sweet and helpful. I got the acct opened and the lady who helped me was superb in her willingness to get me set up and find the right type of acct.

I'm pretty sure this will work out great, especially since there's a branch near me. If it doesn't though, i'm considering going a different route. I was reading about the Vision Prepaid card that gives you direct deposit and NO overdraft fee's. It works just like your bank debit card/credit card and is accepted anywhere Visa is. I like the fact that it's an alternative to a bank where fee's for even supposedly free checking accounts can really break someone.

Anyway, I am hoping this works out fine with my new bank but if it doesn't I know where to go next. Check it out, it just might be something you could use too.


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