July 18, 2009

So Much To Do, Never Enough Time

It's supposed to be the weekend, ya know when most people take a break. I have to work today til 2 which is okay. Saturday's tend to be busy and usually pretty good money so I like that and the day goes by quickly.

After I get off I have to go have a talk with the cucumber plants in the garden. They are trying to take over the garden kingdom. I'm not sure I can even stop them anymore lol. They're HUGE and getting bigger literally by the day. So i have to go figure out how to train them AGAIN to grow to the other side and not on the tomatoes. Should be fun. NOT

Then after I battle with wayward plants I get to fix the kids computer. Deep Joy! Apparently Ashley has broken the rules again and went to sites that weren't previously approved by me. Big shock right? An 18 year old who doesn't listen. Something is going on with their system and i'm going to have to reinstall their antivirus software and likely their antispyware program too. Or maybe I should say I need to replace it as opposed to re-installing it. I've considered just locking the whole thing down and setting up a better internet security system so they can't go places that aren't approved. Well, wait, *I* won't be doing it, but I know a genius who can lol. It wouldn't be so bad but Ash just doesn't get that she can literally wipe the system out by not just following rules. Since I work from home and my computers are vital to the job, she's just going to have to suck it up and listen or simply don't use them. Either way is fine with me.

After that, i have to work in the yard and spread out some weed & feed. There are some sticker patches that are driving me nuts. Sure I could put on shoes but what fun is that? Far better to leave the shoes in the house and kill the stickers.

Should be an interesting day.


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