July 6, 2009

Something New Maybe?

Lately I'm looking for a new way to make extra money doing something I enjoy. So far I'm not coming up with much but I have considered making candles since I personally love them and know many others who do as well. Mostly my family.

So I've been doing some research on what type of candles I want to make and what it will cost to get started. Of course I want to start slow and build up as needed. So I figure the main things I will need to start with are the basics. Wax, wicks, scents, jars, etc.

Generally I prefer the paraffin waxes but mostly only because the last few times I've purchased soy based candles I got a really bad headache. The scents were off or something I think though so the wax may not have anything to do with it.

Anyway, In my looking I did some research on wholesale glass jars because I'd like to find some pretty ones that make the candles nicer looking than just the normal glass jars I see candles poured in around here. I am considering going with the one shown in the pic above. I like the deco look of it and I think it'll be gorgeous with the flame behind it. I found it at thejarstore.com.

I also found some scents there that i'd love to try including some seasonal scents for when the holidays roll around. Christmas Splendor and Harvest Spice sound wonderful and I haven't even smelled them yet.

Anyway, I doubt i'll get started on this anytime soon but who knows. I just might. Then I'll be bugging everyone to buy Candles By Nessa lol.


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