July 7, 2009

Ten On Tuesday 07-07-09

Today's Topic: 10 Things That Turn You Off About People

Oh this one is easy. I wonder if I can ONLY do 10??

1. People who use their children to get or keep their own selfish wants. Especially Mothers! DISGUSTING people who shouldn't be allowed to breed further.

2. People who eat while they talk on the phone and People who chew with their mouths open. Even if it's just gum. BLECH!

3. People who use the restroom while on the phone. Seriously, that shouldn't even be an issue.

4. People who don't recognize the limits of their incomes. If you're going to Disneyworld, Six Flags whatever and times are tough, here's a clue...........GROW UP! Better yet find something to do to help others if you're bored, don't go spend money you don't have.

5. People who make others their scapegoats. They can't take the blame for things they did or they don't want to face it alone so they pass it off on others, like their children. Again......DISGUSTING!

6. People who want the very best and yet can't be bothered to help pay for it. Can you say LEECH? Children get away with this.........Unless you're Paris Hilton and it can be afforded an adult should know better.

7. Women who use child support for boob jobs and yet the child has nothing to wear. Yes I know someone who has done that and i'd love for her to have one of those implants pop lol.

8. People who just don't even try yet I support them by paying taxes. Needing help is fine, but geesh, do SOMETHING to help yourself too.

9. People who think they are somehow entitled to be rude to customer service, public service persons, ie: Waiters, waitresses, phone operators. Take on the ones who make the rules, these people are just doing their jobs.

10. People who make it their lot in life to make everyone else as miserable as they are. I guess it takes all kinds to make the world go round but I can honestly say I could live quite well without those types breathing the same oxygen I do. I'm just sayin.........

I have about 12 more loaded, but i'll stop with 10 lol. Maybe another time......


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