July 21, 2009

Ten On Tuesday 07-21-09

This Week's Theme:10 Favorite Places to Eat

Hmmmmmm, I don't know if I HAVE 10 favorite places but here goes, in no particular order!

1. Pueblo Viejo -Cleveland,Tx for their Frozen Margarita's.
2. Taco Bell- Anywhere.....I know they're bad for me but i freakin love those fiesta cheesy potatoes!
3. Long John Silvers- Anywhere, yep bad for me again but they're chicken is soooooo good!
4. Margarita's-Huntsville,TX They'd be my fave if their salsa didn't suck, they're margarita's save them though.
5. Abrusci's-Denver Colorado, All I can say is OMG! Real Italian Food and it's awesome!
6. My Mom and Dad's- Seriously my father can grill anything.
7. My Grandma's house- Her homemade waffles and egg noodles are to die for
8. Pei Wei- Anywhere: Love Love Love this place
9. Panera Bread-Anywhere: Sentimental reasons mostly but they still have some great sandwiches
10. Here at Home........i really hate to cook, but i love to be comfy so here at home with the Bratz is always good. Unless they're arguing. Oh wait, that's every night........hmmm i must be sick.
11. I have to add an extra cause i forgot to add Applebee's. My son works there.


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