July 14, 2009

Ten On Tuesday

This weeks Theme: 10 Favorite Songs of the 80’s. Wanna Play? Join us!

Easy Peasy. Since I'm very much a hard rock kinda girl and really only listened to the hair bands during that time and uh, well, now too, I still know them all.

1. Too Young To Fall In Love-Motley Crue
2. Talk Dirty To Me-Poison
3. Bang Your Head (Metal Health)-Quiet Riot

4. I Wanna Rock-Twisted Sister
5. Rock Of Ages-Def Leppard

6. Shout At The Devil-Motley Crue
7. Heaven's On Fire-KISS

8. Round and Round-RATT
9. Shake Me-Cinderella

10.Back For More-RATT


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