July 1, 2009

The Things You Can Find Online......

Earlier today I was cruising around my blog trying to decide what else I want to put on it and what if anything I want to remove. While doing that I happened to notice on my Project Wonderful that there was an ad for something called "Lollyphile!". Well, I had to go look because it also said something like "maple-bacon, wasabi-ginger, bourbon" and below that was "awesome lollipops".

Now I don't know about you but I sorta like suckers, especially interesting tasting ones but I'm not sure I could ever force myself to try a maple-bacon flavored lollipop. EVER! Curiosity got the better of me though and I went to look to see what else they had. They also have a "White Russian" flavored lollipop. I am going to try that one. I'll save my pennies if I have to lol, but I am going to have me one of those one way or another. I'll let ya know when I do.

By the way, I'm not being paid to tell ya about these, I just thought it was interesting and had to share it. Now to just get my hands on some of them.


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