July 16, 2009

Thursday Thunks......Weird Questions Abound

1. Do you know anyone with heterochromia? Does it freak you out or do you think it's interesting?
No, I don't know anyone with it but I think it would take some time to get used to.

2. Should a 5th face be added to Mount Rushmore? If so, who?
Ummmmm, sure. It should be Spongebob for sure.

3. If you could live on any planet other than earth, which one would you choose and why?
Oh sheesh, I dunno. Ummmmmmmm, Maybe i'd live on Jupiter since I was fascinated by mythology as a kid.

4. We're going to spend the night at a reportedly haunted location, are you going with us?If so, which reportedly haunted place are we going?
Hell no, not unless the Ghostbusters are coming along.

5. Did you play The Queen's Meme this week? If so, was it fair of The Queen to put Berleen in the dungeon by association with Kimber? (We all know Kimber deserved it, but Berleen?!)

Not a clue what you're talking about there but I am sure Berleen was wronged horribly and stuff

6. What color is the towel(s) hanging in your bathroom?
Ummm, blue and white striped

7. Tell us something funny that happened to you recently.
I was working and needed coffee. So I jumped up to run to get coffee before another call could come in. I flung open the door prepared to run and was stopped by an immovable wall of rottweiler. I tripped, hit the couch and bumped my head on the wood part. No coffee or dog was harmed, only my dignity.

8. We just bought you a cow. Do you kill it & grill it, feed it & milk it, or sell it?
Well, i can say I would keep it but no freakin way i'm milking it. That's just not something I'd care to do.

9. It's 115 degrees outside (46 degrees Celsius), are you able to go without Air Conditioning?
Seriously? I want to meet someone who CAN!

10. When you visit the zoo do you wonder which animal tastes better with a bit of butter & spices?

OMG, NO! Who wrote these questions this week? I do however wonder how many are wishing they could eat those of us staring at them.

11. Dog ate your homework/work papers. Does it crap out Shakespeare, quantum physics, or just crap?
My dog is talented and no matter what I wrote that he ate, it would turn out to be a masterpiece.

12. We are taking you to a broadway show, what are we going to see?
The fastest way to an exit. I don't do Broadway.

13. Gunshots in your neighborhood. Pop, pop, pop. Do you go out to take a look, or hide?
I'm from Texas, Redneck Hell Texas to be precise. I'm used to hearing guns. I'd walk outside and yell at BillyJoeBob to tell his Grandmother/cousin to stop doing crack with her "customers".


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