July 3, 2009

Top Five On Friday 7-03-09 Edition

Top 5 songs or albums from "The Dead Rocker's Society" that means albums or songs by dead people, m'kay?

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Hmmmmm, This one might be really hard. Most of my faves are still alive so far. I do have a few I can name though.

Walkin' After Midnight-Patsy Cline: Love Patsy Cline!

Teddy Bear- Elvis Presley: It reminds me of someone lol

Back For More-Ratt but written by Robbin Crosby: ::Sigh:: He were so pretty

Piece Of My Heart- Janis Joplin: Awesome song

Man In The Mirror-Micheal Jackson: I'm not a Jackson fan but I've always thought this song carried a great message


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