July 8, 2009

Twilight? What Twilight?

Last week, in desperation, because I'd read all my library books, I was looking for something to read. I have this thing about reading while soaking in the tub or laying out in the sun. MUST have a book to read. I ruins the whole thing if I don't.

So anyway despite the fact that I go get about 10 books and they're supposed to last me 2 weeks, I ran out of books to read. Soooooooo, I snagged one from Ash. Now normally I don't read the same books she does. Luckily she doesn't really like love stories and crap like that so I figured I at least wouldn't be gagging over the syrupy sweetness some of those romance novels drown the whole story in. BLECH! They're almost worse than fairy tales.

The book I got from Ash was a series I had been buying her for a few months. Along the Lines of Twilight, which she LOVED so I figured these would be be a sure hit. She started on them slow but after she really got involved in the first book she was reading them like crazy.

The books are basically about vampires but it's very teenage related. The main characters are all teens for the most part. The girl this book is about is apparently some sort of "special" vampire. Like a Priestess or something like that, but basically she's a teenager who's whole world has changed and she's just trying to make her way through it all.

Well, I read the first book and the rest that we had here in just about a week. 3 books already I think and now I'm on the 4th now and there's one left I haven't read and yet another coming out in October. I can't wait.

Anyway, they're apparently pretty popular with teens so if you know one who has the series. Snag it! They're called "House of Night" Novels and they're really good! Here's the Official Website too so you can learn more if ya want. If you liked Twilight I think you'll love this.


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