July 21, 2009

What is it with Teen Girls?

We have about 12 brushes around this house. Know how many I can find this morning? Not a single one! I'm seriously not kidding either!

I have long, really thick hair and I had to comb it this morning. I feel like my scalp has been tortured. I can't find any of my hair products for detangling my hair either.

Of course I know who the culprit is. It's always the same culprit. My daughter, just cannot keep track of her own brushes. For whatever reason and it's probably on purpose, she MUST come get mine and lose them too. Gawd forbid she look for hers. Oh no, can't have that! Must lose mom's too and then play innocent when asked about where they are.

I'm telling you I feel like I buy brushes every week or at least every month. That would be okay if they weren't supposed to last a while, but they are!! It's not like I buy really expensive ones or anything, but it's the point of the matter. Ugh!

The funny thing is, that because my hair is naturally curly and sometimes dry because of that I've found that if I use Black Hair Care products, that helps a lot with putting the moisture back in my hair. Ash can't use that, it breaks her face out. Her hair is real thick but as most teenagers it can be oily at times. So this one set of products is the ONLY thing I have that she can't use. Okay, maybe it's not so much funny as it is sad.

Regardless, I went to hairproducts.com this morning and looked at their prices to see if they could save me some money as opposed to other places. It looks like maybe they can if I stick with the normal things I usually buy. They do have some things in there that have me wondering though. Who pays over $200 for a hairbrush and does it brush your hair on it's own? WOW! Lots of great stuff there though. Check it out yourself, especially if you have girls that will be teens someday. Stock up NOW I tell ya. You'll be glad you did.


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