July 30, 2009

Why Does It Feel Like Monday?

For some reason I just cannot wake up today. I've had 3 cups of coffee, a bowl of cherries and a protein bar and i'm still nodding off. It's been a long week and not a terribly fun one really. The bank change is causing me stress out the wazoo. I HATE messing with stuff like that. Not that there's any problem really it's just waiting for the bank card and things like that to come in. I don't like that sort of thing being mailed.

Anyway, anyone want some cucumbers? Remember that little garden of mine? Well.....uhhh, lets just say I better learn to pickle, learn to want nothing but cucumbers to eat, or find a kind soul to take some because by the end of the week i'll have about 70 that need to be picked and there are about that many more that will be ready in about another 5-7 days. It's weird though. They're not long like cucumbers are supposed to be. They're like mini watermelons. Really big around and short. They get plenty of water and fertilizer so i'm not sure what the deal is. They taste great though. So that's going to be interesting for sure.

Today i'm dealing with some documents that are in adobe pdf format. Did I ever mention i hate those? I really do. For work almost all our work related documents are written this way and sometimes we have to add to them, which means we either print them out and write on them or we do more docs of our own in whatever way we want. After 4 years with this company I finally found out yesterday that I can convert pdf to word and avoid all that hassle. Nothing gets by me huh? Sheesh. So anyway today i'm using pdf software to convert all my work documents and save them on my system where something easy like wordpad can open them instead of waiting for adobe to load. It should make my life much easier.

Between that, working, needing to work in the garden, finish mowing the yard and all my bloggy stuff........i'm exhausted. It definitely feels like Monday.


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