July 27, 2009

Why I Shouldn't Read Spam

I had planned to be done posting for the day. Then I checked my email and well, now I shall share with you what I learned. You won't thank me lol, you may even wish I'd kept it to myself, but i bet if there's an electric toothbrush in your house that you check it closely from now on.

The email was from WEBMD. One of the articles was titled "5 Things Women Don't Know About Masturbation". I normally wouldn't care but boredom will apparently make you read things you normally wouldn't. Soooooooo idiot me clicks on the link. Most of the article wasn't really all that interesting to me but one little part about vibrators will never leave me.

Enjoy :)

Other women who masturbate report they use the back of a vibrating toothbrush head, the handle of a hairbrush,

Dare we hope they use their OWN? I'm just sayin..........


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