August 3, 2009

Monday Crazy Questions- Aliens Private Parts?

Oh wait, the theme for today's edition of Monday's Crazy Questions is Aliens AND Private Parts. Whew! I was scared for a sec there.

Anyway, here goes:

1.The aliens have landed...they have invited you in for dinner....what do you think they are up to?

They probably want to examine my stalker for purposes of building an evil robot army. The joke will be on them though when they realize all she can do is shop and give tours of Disney.

2. Remember that 20 dollar bill you found on the ground a few memes ago?? Ok you picked it up and someone comes to and says..hey that's mine...what do you say?

Not anymore!

3. You got offered a part in a movie... they will pay an enormous amount of money....but you have to play the town she slut/he slut.. do you play the part or do you refuse to compromise your values?

Hmmmmm, I'd do it. It's a part in a movie, it wouldn't mean I really am a slut. Just like Tom Cruise is a sawed off lil creep with no manners on other people's sofa's instead of an action hero. I'm just sayin........

4. Do you have a name for your private parts?

Ummmmm, no lol. I can't think of any women who do really.

5. You are driving north on Hell avenue and can only turn west on to hell Terrace. There is a car coming toward you on Hell avenue also, which also can only turn west onto Hell terrace. what does this prove??

Apparently that i haven't had near enough coffee yet this morning. This one made my brain hurt.

6. Where is the strangest place you ever did the deed?

Ummmmmm, not telling.

7. Have you ever been caught doing the nasty...who caught you and where were you?

I dunno but there was that time with the motel room drapes being open at first lol.

8. What can put you in the rottenest mood ever

Nothing really, I generally choose to be happy no matter what.

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