August 3, 2009

Party Planning

One of my friends here in the neighborhood is having a baby. She's due sometime next month and it's her first baby. She's far from her family and doesn't really know many people here so some of the other neighbors and I decided to do something nice for her. We're going to tell her it's a barbecue and throw her a surprise baby shower.

I get to be in charge of the baby shower favors. Normally, this would have me cringing or rocking in a corner crying lol. I am great at going to parties but i'm not too big on hosting them. Especially with little time to plan.

This time will be different though. I found and they have some of the absolutely cutest stuff I've ever seen for all kinds of parties. Frankly they have things I never would have thought of on my own. From anniversaries, graduation and baby showers to Christening and Baptism, this place covers it all with some delightful and inventive ideas. Not just that but the prices are nice too. That's always a plus.

Soooo, I'm excited be in charge of favors this time. I'm sure the young lady the party is for will love the great ideas and the party will be a smash.


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