November 3, 2009

24 More Days!!

The excitement is building, the pressure is on. Only 24 more days til Black Friday. All the stores are planning their sales and just waiting for the frenzy of shoppers rushing through their doors to get bargains on whatever their little hearts desire. In short, It's a madhouse. One I don't plan to participate in. Not in the stores anyway. I'll save gas and shop in my pajamas thank you very much.

I've heard that Black Friday 2009 Online Deals are going to be great this year. I'm told that merchants are realizing that without some great deals, they can forget a big shopping season. People simply don't have the money to spend. The money will go where the bargains are the best. Mine will anyway.

Unlike some people I won't mention, I work hard for my money. I don't wait for someone else to work for it and hand it to me. I want the best buys I can get for the things I want to lavish on my loved ones and that means looking for bargains. I find it MUCH easier and more rewarding to look online than rush from store to store only to find the item I want has sold out and I've wasted a trip.

Many merchants offer free shipping and you can even find coupons online to make the sales even better. There's really no downside, except maybe shipping times but that wasn't an issue at all last year so I don't expect it to be this year either. So I look at it this way:
No lugging heavy bags
No "sold Out" after driving to the store
No being trampled (remember last year?)
No crowds
No gas wasted
I don't have to get dressed
No fighting over the "last item"
No lines to wait in

Yeah, I think i'll be staying home for sure. Happy Shopping!!


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