November 17, 2009

Auto Makeovers

Daniel, my 20 year old, is saving up to buy himself a vehicle. About 2 weeks ago I went to an Auction where they were auctioning farm equipment and other things such as cars and trucks. No Terri, I wasn't spending money, I was along for the ride. Anyway, It was rather neat actually in a sense that it proved that rednecks have alot more money than the rest of us. Seriously, they were bidding thousands of dollars on these bulldozers and other heavy equipment. Now they also had holes in their jeans and no sleeves on their shirts so maybe they were spending money they had saved on clothing.

Regardless, the cars/trucks, they were auctioning were going rather cheaply. A good decent truck went for around $600. It's obvious flaws were things like ripped seats, ugly dashboards, desperate need of a bath, ya know, things like that but the motors sounded good. Soooooo, Daniel has decided that he's going to take what's he's saved and see if he can get a vehicle at this auction. in the meantime I've been looking for ways to make the vehicle nicer for him when he has the money to spend to improve it. Turns out it's not that hard. he can get seats and such from junkyards that are in perfect condition and dash kits to improve it as well. I would have thought it would be harder really but it seems to be a fairly easy process to restore a vehicle or just add goodies to an already nice one.



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