November 21, 2009

Choose An Angel and Make A Holiday Bright

Every Christmas one of my favorite things to do has been to try and help another family for the Holidays. It means a great deal to me to share what I can with someone who needs it. I usually can't do a lot but I do what I can.

The problem is that this used to be an easy process. Wal-mart always had a tree that would have paper angels on it and it would show you the age and gender of a child along with their wish list. You just chose the child you wished to help and delivered them to a central location to be handed out to the child at Christmas. Wal-mart around here hasn't been doing it for awhile now though. So the only way to do anything was to know a family who needed help or call local churches. For whatever reason i never even thought of calling the local Salvation Army. Duh Nessa!

Anyway, today I was assisting a customer on the phone who'd purchased something at JCPenny's and i happened to see a logo on the bottom of the page about the Salvation Army Angel tree. As soon as I got off the phone I went and checked it out and it is soooooo awesome!

JCPenny's is sponsoring it this year on their website. You simply go to Angel Giving Tree Online, click "Select Your Angel" and type in your zip code or any zip code you want really. You choose the age of the person you want to help as well as the gender and it gives you a list of the persons in that range that need a little Christmas cheer this year. There are even Senior Citizens in some areas.

Here in Redneck Hell as small a town as we are in I found several children listed so I know there must be many more in larger areas.

Pleeeeeeeeeease consider helping a child or a senior citizen this year. It's really easy and it doesn't have to cost you a lot to show someone love for the holidays. They'll never know you did it and you'll never get a thank you, but from experience I know that it's a wonderful feeling.


Additionally if you are a family or know a family in need please go to the Salvation Army website to see how you can get assistance for the holidays.


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