November 10, 2009

Fundraising Made Easy

Do you ever wonder if the schools have any idea what the economy is like? Who exactly sits and comes up with school fundraising ideas? I don't know about the ones in your area, but the one my children go to seems to be way off base. Tyler brought home a form a few days ago for the latest fundraiser. He's selling cookie dough to raise money for something at school. He's not even sure what they are raising funds for. Regardless, these tubs of cookie dough are $15.00 each. Now, granted it's 3 lbs of dough, but really.......who can afford that right now? I know I can't and truthfully who NEEDS 3 pounds of cookie dough?

Now Ashley's ROTC class, they have a great one, they do a soda sale. It's not any cheaper, it's actually $5 more but it's something people buy. They sell a case of several different brands of soda for $20, which makes the soda's just under $1 each for 20 ounce bottles. No one NEEDS soda either mind you, but if you buy the stuff anyway, it saves a great deal considering most stores sell a bottle for roughly $1.39 each. So it's not only helping the school if purchased from them, it saves the parent money as well if it's a normal expense already being put out.

The same can be said with lots of the other fundraisers the kids have brought home in the past. There are parents like me who WANT to help the school raise needed funds but can't because the schools choose the most outlandish things and the parents either can't afford them or can't talk themselves into putting out the money for something they simply can't/won't use.

Some unique fundraisers i've seen recently have been ones that were online. The parents were given a website that was linked to the account for the school. They could choose items they wanted from a big assortment, pay for it online and have it shipped directly to them. The student didn't have to deliver anything and they weren't responsible for carrying money. I thought this was a great idea just because of it's simplicity.

Another one I liked was suckers. It involved the kids carrying products but they were a whole 50 cents. Which meant that kids in school can buy them. They're affordable. There's no need to wait for delivery and while no one really needs the suckers at any price, at 50 cents it's not a big investment, making it a fundraiser that many can contribute to.

I'm not sure the schools really research these things. I understand trying to find profitable fundraising ideas, but If they did research I don't think they'd be trying to sell $15 cookie dough in this economy. I'm just sayin....


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