November 2, 2009

Get The Word Out!

If there is anything I've learned from blogging, it's that getting your Information out there is the key to success. You can blog all day about anything you want, be it important or not and no matter how interesting it is, if no one knows you're there, you won't have readers. It's just that simple.

The same goes with business of any kind. Advertising pays. You don't have to buy commercials for thousands of dollars. You don't have to give away pencils/pens/koozies, etc either. You know all those business cards you have in a pile? How many times have you thought of something you need and remembered you'd received a business card from someone who specializes in that item/service? I do it all the time and it saves me a ton of time searching through the phone book or looking online. Sometimes what's right at your fingertips is the best solution to start with.

Postcard printing is another good way to get the word out when you have sales, new products or just want to thank loyal customers. I had the oil changed in the car about 3 months ago and it's time for it again. The shop I took the car to the last time sent me a postcard a couple days ago reminding it was time for the oil change and offered me a 20% discount as a return customer. They're a tiny bit higher normally than the other shops in the area but with the 20% off they offered, they're more than competitive in their price. PLUS, they performed a service as well by reminding me it was time to have the oil changed. So, who do you think i'll be taking the car to next week?


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